Author: Adam Sayih

From CrossFitter to Weightlifter, How to Nail the Transition.

by: Joe Szymanek What if I told you skinning a cat and performing a clean and jerk had a lot in common?    Before you call me crazy let me explain. There are many correct, and useful, ways to learn and complete any task, and the Sport of Weightlifting is no different.  Considering that more CrossFit Athletes weightlift than Weightlifters weightlift, alternative introductory progressions should be considered to accommodate their incoming skill sets. The fact is most athletes new to Weightlifting are not coming with clean slates. Often times they are banged up, beaten down, and have developed movement patterns...

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Understanding Protein Turnover and Leucine

by: Hector Paez No gym conversation is complete without mentioning protein. While the concept of consuming protein if you’re a strength athlete is not foreign or debatable, the manner and method for consumption is often argued. Some will go as far as to say that if you aren’t already drinking your protein shake immediately after that last rep of dumbbell curls hits the rubber matting on the gym floor, you’ve basically thrown away the entire workout. While I’m sure the majority of people now know that the infamous “anabolic window” is more like an anabolic barn door, there’s still...

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Join the Speakeasy Club

An exclusive online club for dapper meatheads that want results. Join a club that offers you: Easy to use programming templates for all sorts of awesome goals such as: The Jacked Weightlifter, The Big 5, Power-building, and various specialty programs to get you big, strong, and fast. A private Facebook group to be apart of a community of like-minded dapper meatheads. Share your PRs or just get some quick feedback from our coaches. Access to coupon codes for cool products from all over the internet that relate to the dapper meathead, such as lifting gear, cuff-links, etc. Free Speakeasy...

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You Can Snatch and Still Bench Press

There’s an adage in the sport of weightlifting that if you incorporate the bench press into your program, your lifts will be doomed. Well that’s just simply not true. Would doing ten sets of ten reps on the bench press be wise the day before working up to a heavy single in that snatch? Absolutely not. In a sport where specificity is king, assistant work needs to be supplemented carefully, and as long as it makes sense in your program, you can enjoy having pecs again. Before you answer the instinctual call to bench this Monday, there’s a few...

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LSUS Template

The LSUS (Louisiana State University Shreveport) Lifting Program by Dr. Kyle Pierce has been getting some attention lately so I decided to upload the template I made when I ran it a year ago. I’m assuming everyone is giving a try since Kendrick Farris just made the Olympic Team for the third freakin’ time. Anyways, the program is really tough. It consists of a high volume phase of 10s, then 5s, then 3s, then a peak and taper. The program asks you to work up to rep maxes (depending on the phase) then two back off sets. Later in the week, you’ll do numerous of sets based off a sub-max percentage of the rep-max you achieved earlier in the week. For the template, you simply need to plug in the rep max you achieved and the excel formulas will do the rest. The sets and reps you need to perform, or rep-max, will be directly above the exercise. You do not need to follow the program to the T. Most people will adjust the exercises as needed to their individual weaknesses. However, just realize that the concept is to work up to a rep-max, do two back off sets (95% and 90%), and later in the week do several sets of 90% of that rep-max. Good luck, and may the DOMS be in your favor. Click to download: LSUS...

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A Brief Guide to Supplements

  Sports supplementation is one of the most inquired topics with regards to strength and performance; ironically, despite the fact that it’s so heavily discussed, it persists in being inundated with misinformation.  The misinformation and sometimes, complete lies are due in part to individuals desperately seeking that magic potion which will give them steroid like gains, while supplement companies are more than willing to prey on their ignorance and sell them products with false promises.  The unfortunate truth is that there are no legal, safe supplements that are going to drastically enhance your performance and strength, nor will they...

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The Six Pack Vol. 1

So as you might have noticed, its been pretty much half a year since I’ve done a Beer of the Month. Well, I don’t want to do those anymore. I just don’t like the idea of trying to find an impressive beer every month, and why limit it to just one beer? What if I don’t find anything worth mentioning one month, or I want to share the bad stuff as well? That takes us to this post. Allow me to introduce to you Beer of the Month’s replacement: The Six Pack. I might do these once a month,...

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Intensity Block

This four week block is fairly high in intensity with a focus on building consistency at weights close to your one-rep max. Each week you will alternate between building up to a heavy triple or double followed by some back-off sets, with singles at the end of the week to build consistency with heavy weight. Squatting is very frequent and some light hypertrophy work is peppered in. There is five training days per week with Day 4 being a light day to make the singles on Day 5 go well. We suggest a deload week prior to performing this program. Download: Intensity Block Program is ready for print to be taken along in the gym, or just use excel. Questions? Shoot us an email through our contact page. Recommended skill level: Intermediate-Advanced Recommended season: Off/Close to Peak Always consult with a medical professional before participating in an exercise program. Let us know how it goes! Need something more personal? Contact us to find out more about online coaching. Instagram: @GentlemanAndMeathead Facebook: /GentlemanAndMeathead Twitter:...

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How to be a jacked weightlifter

by: Adam Sayih Snatch, Clean, Jerk, Squat, Pull. Basically the only exercises you’ll see in a typical weightlifting program. It goes without debate that these movements are absolutely essential to the weightlifting specialist, however, bodybuilding-style accessory movements don’t have to be ignored if you are clever enough with your programming. The Intermediate “Specialist” and Specific Volume One issue I notice in many novice and intermediate lifters is that they believe they need to train the same exact way as the elite. While training still needs to be very specific, an intermediate level lifter doesn’t require nearly as much specific...

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12 Week Size Program for Weightlifters Part 3

The 12 Week Size Program’s main goal is to increase strength in the weightlifting movements (snatch, clean & jerk) but focuses on building muscle. The program is arranged in a way that calls for high frequency training at sub-maximal levels to keep damage (soreness) low so that the bodybuilding movements don’t negatively impact the main lifts the following training session. Part 3 will be pretty tough, but note that the last week has a slight taper and test at the end of the week. Make sure you deload a week before beginning this phase. If your goal is to move up a weight class or fill in your weight class, or just look a little better at the beach, this is the program for you. Download: 12 Week Program Block 3 Program is ready for print to be taken along in the gym, or just use excel. RPE means “rating of perceived exertion.” If an exercise calls for an RPE of 8, this would mean you choose a weight where at the end of the set, you would’ve been two reps shy of failure. If the reps aren’t indicated, this means you would just perform as many reps as possible, stopping two reps shy of failure. Questions? Shoot us an email through our contact page. Recommended skill level: Intermediate Recommended season: Off Always consult with a medical professional before...

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