The LSUS (Louisiana State University Shreveport) Lifting Program by Dr. Kyle Pierce has been getting some attention lately so I decided to upload the template I made when I ran it a year ago. I’m assuming everyone is giving a try since Kendrick Farris just made the Olympic Team for the third freakin’ time. Anyways, the program is really tough. It consists of a high volume phase of 10s, then 5s, then 3s, then a peak and taper. The program asks you to work up to rep maxes (depending on the phase) then two back off sets. Later in the week, you’ll do numerous of sets based off a sub-max percentage of the rep-max you achieved earlier in the week. For the template, you simply need to plug in the rep max you achieved and the excel formulas will do the rest. The sets and reps you need to perform, or rep-max, will be directly above the exercise.

You do not need to follow the program to the T. Most people will adjust the exercises as needed to their individual weaknesses. However, just realize that the concept is to work up to a rep-max, do two back off sets (95% and 90%), and later in the week do several sets of 90% of that rep-max. Good luck, and may the DOMS be in your favor.

Click to download: LSUS Template



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