Welcome to the programming section of the Speakeasy Club. Here you will find our database of programming templates for all sorts of awesome goals. For programs that offer multiple phases, we highly recommend starting off on the first phase, since the following phases build off the volumes and intensities of the previous phases. Each programming template is also four weeks, with the first week usually being an intro-week, a week designed to act half as a deload from your current training, and half as an introduction to the new movements you will be performing for the rest of the month.

If you are new here, please check out the guide below on how to use our templates to get the best results possible. Also, if you haven’t done so already, join our Private Facebook Group so you can be apart of our exclusive community where you can share PRs, get some quick advice, and meet other members of the club.

What do I do with my hands?

Read this file to learn how to get the most out of our training templates. Each template has built-in tools for optimal progress so make sure you take advantage of everything our programs have to offer. Also includes some frequently asked questions in case you aren’t sure how to use the templates.

Click here to download the Speakeasy Program Guide

Main Programs

These programs are designed to be used for the majority of your training year and competitive season.

The Jacked Weightlifter

This program is designed to improve your olympic lifts while also developing a muscular physique.

Click here to download the Jacked Weightlifter Phase 1

Click here to download the Jacked Weightlifter Phase 2

Click here to download the Jacked Weightlifter Phase 3

The Ultimate Athlete

Speed, strength, looks. The complete package. This program is designed for the person who loves to move explosively and be a strength & conditioning machine. Expect jumping, throwing, and a variety of lifting all the things. Be sure to follow the phases in the correct order since the difficulty of the movements increases each phase, and you will be working close to your maxes by the end of Phase 3.

Click here to download the Ultimate Athlete Phase 1

Click here to download the Ultimate Athlete Phase 2

Click here to download the Ultimate Athlete Phase 3

The Big 5

What’s your super total? This program is designed to get you strong in every competitive barbell movement: The snatch, clean & jerk, bench press, squat, and deadlift.

Click here to download the Big 5 Phase 1

Click here to download the Big 5 Phase 2

Click here to download the Big 5 Phase 3


Just want to get a bit stronger and look really really ridicuously good looking? This program puts a heavy emphasis on high volume bodybuilding work while getting you stronger in the process.

Click here to download the Power Building program Phase 1

Click here to download the Power Building Program Phase 2

Click here to download the Power Building Program Phase 3

Peak, Taper, and Max.

Hitting a new PR requires a proper peak, followed by a taper to lead you into a proper max out session. This is the best strategy to showcase the hard work you’ve been putting in the last cycle. We highly suggest you follow this protocol rather than randomly attempting a max out to see where you are. You may randomly hit a 1-2kg PR but following an appropriate strategy will really bring out the best you can deliver on a platform. This is a two week template that finishes the last day with a competition style warm-up and PR attempts. We highly encourage a proper max out following the completion of three phases of a program above.

Click here to download the Peak, Taper, and Max template.

Specialty Programs

These specialty programs are meant to either supplement your regular training or replace your training for a month or two for a specialized goal.

Weightlifting with Wes 

This supplemental program is designed by Coach Wes to help with weightlifting technique. This weightlifting accessory template is designed to run along side and in coordination with any other template. The exercises listed are meant to be LIGHT, and drilled purely for refinement of technique. You should not be treated this as another workout. Rather, treat this as a warm up to prepare you for training, or use it after training to really focus in on specific issues that you had. Most of these can be done with lighter than 50% of your max, but definitely not heavier than the 60% range. It will add too much volume to your current training load other wise. Please utilize the facebook group for feedback if you have questions on it or for critique!

Click here to download the Weightlifting with Wes plan

ALL the Jumping

This plyo program is meant to be done as an accessory program, which can accompany any of our templates or your own program. It can be done before or after training. None of the workouts should take more then about 15-20 minutes. That being said, the purpose is not to rush through it. The sets and reps listed should be treated like sets with a barbell. Rest as needed between sets, and put maximum attention to detail when performing the jumps.

The height of the boxes is up to your discretion. Don’t be an idiot. None of these are meant to be “as tall as possible” box jumps. The idea is to simply jump higher, which can be done regardless of the height of the box. Jumping 30 inches in the air with always be 30 inches, no matter what height box you land on. We are looking for pure jumping height, not box jump height.

Try to land as soft as possible when jumping. This is especially true when doing any loaded jumps. Absorb the landing with your body to reduce any excess wear and tear on the joints. Any loaded jumps with weight should not be performed with heavy weights. A little goes a long way with jumping. Good luck!

If you don’t understand what any of the exercises are, scroll down to see all of them under the videos section.

Click here to download the Sir Dunksalots Program

Burpees suck…but I need to do the Open.

This program is designed to prep you for the 2017 CrossFit Open. Strength, endurance, skill. This program will prepare you to knock down whatever Dave Castro throw’s your way this year.

Click here to download the Open Prep