12 Week Size Program for Weightlifters Part 3

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The 12 Week Size Program’s main goal is to increase strength in the weightlifting movements (snatch, clean & jerk) but focuses on building muscle. The program is arranged in a way that calls for high frequency training at sub-maximal levels to keep damage (soreness) low so that the bodybuilding movements don’t negatively impact the main lifts the following training session. Part 3 will be pretty tough, but note that the last week has a slight taper and test at the end of the week. Make sure you deload a week before beginning this phase. If your goal is to move up a weight class or fill in your weight class, or just look a little better at the beach, this is the program for you.


12 Week Program Block 3

Program is ready for print to be taken along in the gym, or just use excel. RPE means “rating of perceived exertion.” If an exercise calls for an RPE of 8, this would mean you choose a weight where at the end of the set, you would’ve been two reps shy of failure. If the reps aren’t indicated, this means you would just perform as many reps as possible, stopping two reps shy of failure.


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Recommended skill level: Intermediate

Recommended season: Off

Always consult with a medical professional before participating in an exercise program.