Here are some videos you may need to check out for understanding our programs, or if you just want to use as drills in your warm-ups. To access, use the password “speakeasy”

Plyometric movements, as seen in “ALL the jumping” program. 

Basic Depth Jump

Plyo Split Squat

One Step Approach Jump

Split Jump to Regular Jump

Explosive Single Leg Step-up

Full Squat Box Jump

Loaded Jump with DB to Unloaded Jump

Single Leg Box Jump

Weighted Single Leg Box Jump

Loaded Jump to Unloaded Box Jump

Knee Jump

Single Leg Depth Jump

Single Leg Sideways Box Jump

Single Leg Knee Jump to Box Jump

Depth Jump to Broad Jump

Single Leg Bounding


Snatch and Snatch variations and accessories

Muscle Snatch Variations

Hang Power Snatch

Reverse 3-Position Snatch

Snatch High Pull

Snatch Pull to Hip

Jerk variations and accessories

Jerk Variations

Clean and clean variations and accessories

Reverse 3-Position Clean

Clean High Pull

Clean Pull to Hip