lift big eat big

For the past few weeks, I have been in contact with Brandon from Lift Big Eat Big regarding how we can bring more new, fresh content to all of our fantastic fans. Naturally, we arrived at the conclusion that we need to have cooking challenges, pitting his culinary creations against mine. Here is the protocol for these challenges that we have agreed on (HINT: it’s going to take a lot of involvement from you!):

We will publish a list of three different sets of ingredients, and our readers will pick which list we have to cook with. We will add up the votes from each of our respective platforms, and whichever ingredient list has the most votes, we will cook a dish with those ingredients as the main part of the dish. The three ingredients lists are as follows:

List 1:

List 2:
Flank steak

List 3:
Pork belly
Maple syrup

Whichever list received the most votes will be the dish that we have to cook, and the three ingredients HAVE to be the signature ingredients in the dish. To keep it interesting. we will then photograph our dishes and share both of our dishes on our social media platforms to see what the readers think is the best looking dish. We will not say whose dish belongs to whom (and if you DO know who made what, keep it to yourself to keep the voting fair). When we have tallied all the votes up, the person who’s dish received the fewest amount of votes has to send two of their random readers a free shirt from their respective inventory.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Start voting in the comments here, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Go go go!