by: Chef Paul

So, you’ve been benching 135lbs for 4 weeks and haven’t been able to see any increases (girls are benching more than you) or you’re unable to see those summertime body definitions? Have you thought about your nutrition or have you been focusing most of your energy on lifting heavy objects like a Neanderthal? Are you the dude walking around shaking a protein shaker all day long but refuse to evaluate a proper dietary program?

As a Chef 1st and certified trainer 2nd, I’ve personally seen people completely ignore proper nutrition when it pertains to effective physical activity. It isn’t always their fault as some people are generally clueless on meal preparation or don’t have healthy flavorful recipes of which to prepare. Hopefully this easy steak recipe can help with that. As you should know, physical activity is comprised of 80% diet and 20% actual physical activity.


8oz Filet Mignon (ask the butcher to clean it up for you if you aren’t good with a knife and

will slice your fingers off)

1 red pepper – Sliced in thin slices (Don’t cut off your fingers)

½ cup of peanuts (Non salted)

1 zucchini – Sliced in thin slices (you know the routine, No fingers in the dish)

1 small red onion – Sliced in thin slices

1oz of cilantro leaves

½ oz peanut satay dressing

½ lime for juice

Salt and pepper to taste

Olive Oil


Season steak with olive oil, lightly salt and pepper on both sides and set aside to marinate.

Combine the red peppers, zucchini, peanuts, red onions, cilantro leaves, lime juice and satay sauce in a bowl, toss and refrigerate.


On a hot grill pan or on a hot grill, grill each side of the steak for 2 minutes (don’t be a wuss, eat the steak medium or rare. Man up!) After you remove the steak from the grill, let it rest on a plate for 2 minutes. Use this time to plate your salad.

Your steak should look like this:


On a plate, place an ample amount of the salad you made, decorate the plate with some peanut satay dressing if you wish, and then you can add the steak and enjoy.

salad final

Forget that sugary beverage; don’t insult this meal or your body with some sugar filled crap. Drink a glass of water or a SINGLE glass of young medium body red wine. (The antioxidants are great for you)

Here is the final plating.

 steak final

 “There are people who eat, and there are those who are passionate about food!”

–Chef Paul



Chef Paul is a celebrity chef who boosts a significant celebrity clientele and has 20 years of culinary experience, a Bachelors of Culinary Arts from Johnson and Wales University,  6 years of training experience and is a certified personal trainer. He is both passionate about food as he is with fitness and is an avid Crossfit athlete. 

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