Being someone who has to wear gym clothes to work all week, I actually look forward to when I get to wear a tie. A tie will bring together an entire outfit, so don’t make the mistake of grabbing a tie at the last minute from Wal-Mart. A solid tie collection takes a while to build and is a never ending process, but here’s three ties to get you started that will cover every tie situation.

The Black Silk Knit


Sometimes very formal occasions will call for a black tie. Although boring, you can stand out by switching to a silk knit material. This allows you to comply with the formality, yet it allows you to stand out and be style savvy without being too loud.

Not to mention, James Bond rocked these.

Situations: Workplace, semi-formal meetings, weddings
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The Power Tie with some cool factor

Red silk ties are for uptight CEOs behind a big desk. They’re commonly referred to as “power ties” since they’re loud, bold, and often worn by those in charge. However, the red tie needs a younger, fresher, stylish upgrade. This knitted tie by Grand Frank throws in various shades of red and hints of black which gives it the “cool, hip boss” rather than the “we need to have a meeting on synergy” vibe.
Situations: Offices, meetings, dressy social occasions, dates
Get one from Grand Frank for $28

Floral, not paisley

Floral prints are the new paisley tie. However, just like paisley, the print needs to actually be done right or it looks like a bad Father’s Day gift. Look for prints with small floral patterns that cover the entire tie. Larger floral prints will come off as too loud. Perfect tie for semi-casual occasions and for when the warmer seasons hit.
Situations: Formal outdoor events, day-dates, formal lunches, spring and summer
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