Often times, it’s the details that bring in the compliments and separate you from the herd. Why wear black socks like everyone else in the room? We all want to stand out but you must also know the difference in being loud and having subtle accessories to take your look to the next level. Check out these small details to make you stand out and add at least ten style points to your wardrobe.

Lapel Pins


Adding a small detail to your lapel can have a dramatic impact on your suit even though it’s only about an inch in size. In a room full of dark jackets, add some flair to let everyone know you’re not like the rest. Get this Golden Deer Pin from Grad Frank for $28.


Tie Bars

Photo: stayclassicblog.com

Photo: stayclassicblog.com

Tie bars provide a nice “break” aesthetic in ties. A little bar between the second and third button of your shirt will give your tie and overall appearance a nice pop even though it’s a very small aspect of the suit. The color choice can either go with the tie for a monochrome look or can be a nice contrast and match with another small accessory. When it comes to tie bars, remember the length is important. You don’t want the bar to be the same width as the tie, half way is just right. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on one, The Tie Bar offers a billion combinations in size and color for just $15. 


Picture: 6espoke.com

Picture: 6espoke.com

Within the last few years, there has been some excellent bracelets coming out for men. In the early 2000s, everyone (regrettably) wore huge chain link bracelets to match their huge chain link necklace (oh god, why) but now we have very artfully crafted, rugged men’s jewelry. When wearing a suit, it adds an awesome personal touch and informality (in a good way) while saying you’re style conscious. A recent fad is pairing a bracelet with a watch which really works well together. Check out these sources for some quality wrist wear:





Boring men wear boring socks. Period. Socks are one of those hidden details that can highlight your personal touch to an everyday get-up. Also, they have the ability to really bring out your shoes. You socks shouldn’t match 100% but they shouldn’t be obnoxious (think black suit and neon yellow socks). The colors should compliment the outfit and have at least a color or two that pairs well with another aspect of your outfit. For example, if your tie is red, a pair of blue and red socks would add an awesome touch. Don’t be afraid to be humorous, everyone thinks funny socks are glorious. My favorite places to get socks:

J. Crew