As shoes go, any new product come to market is going to be surrounded by hype. Nike is a master of hype. Don’t believe me? Try buying a new release of Jordan’s or – the new Nike Metcon 1. Sold Out. I was lucky enough to snag a pair on the January 31st release date and recently received them.

First impressions: Out of the box, they sure smell new. They look nice in both the Orange/Black- Dove Grey and the Dark Grey/ White-Volt-Black. I was pleasantly greeted with a true to size shoe in 10.5. Immediately as I laced them up, I liked the way the Metcons snugged tight to my foot with a suggestively comfortable insole, yet stable.

First Metcon: True to the name, they proved worthy of a long Every Minute On The Minute style WOD with repeats of couplets involving Snatches/Burpees, Thrusters/Chest to Bar Pull-ups, Power Clean and Jerk/Toes to Bar, Double Unders, and Wallball/Box Jump/Muscle-ups. While the weight I used wasn’t a large portion of my 1 rep max in these barbell movements, the shoes never left me wanting for a more stable surface. Same with Burpees, Double Unders, Wall Balls, and Box Jumps. I was sold. Total time ~ 30 MINUTES.

nike metcon 1

Second Metcon: I then worked up to a 3 rep max Thruster taken from the floor with a Clean. I worked up to 3 at 225lbs. I attempted 245lbs, and I assure you, it was not the shoes that held me back. Pesky lockout.

Third Metcon: I dropped the weight back down to 205lbs, a significant weight for Thrusters in the middle of a particularly spicy Metcon. Every 2:00 for 10:00 I rowed 20 calories on a Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower, then proceeded to take the 205lbs barbell from the floor for 3 quick and heavy Thrusters. This workout was designed by Derek Robinson, check out his blog for terrific programming and ideas. I went through the workout rather uneventfully, had a great time with friends and high fives were had all around.

Post WOD: I inspected the shoes carefully for wear and tear and found nothing. Not a smudge from burpees, or the back of the heel from the rower, nothing. Good as new.

So why do I hate the Nike Metcon 1?

I now have no use for the 11 pairs of assorted Reebok Nanos in my closet.


Aaron Martin is the owner of Nashville Barbell and Head Coach at CrossFit Vector. Follow Aaron on Twitter @crossfitvector and Instagram @CrossFit_Vector for more up to date reviews on new products and fitness related articles.


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