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Highland Brewing Company Thunderstruck Coffee Porter

I know I’m a few months behind, but this month belongs to Highland Brewing Company’s Thunderstruck Coffee Porter. I’ve always been big on bold flavored porters but this one deserves its own month. From the second you pop the cap off you’re immediately hit with a strong coffee bean aroma. Most beers you have to make an effort to smell the flavors but damn, the aroma on this one is huge. The color is a dark brown, almost black like most porters and pours easy. The taste matches the smell; you get a pleasant roasted coffee bean taste along with a slight chocolate malt similar to a dark chocolate bitterness topped with a smooth finish. For as heavy as the flavors in this beer are, the beer is an easy drinker that’s perfect for this time of year.

Brewery: Highland Brewery, North Carolina, USA

Style: American Porter, 5.9% ABV

Beer Advocate score: 88 very good.